First blog post

Hi… Bathula girl here…Phewww!!! Finally after many years of just pondering,  here I am,  on this path of writing (blogging,  what this era calls it as) to simply pen down my thoughts,  experiences,  opinions,  etc without any motive as such… Writing is what I have always been comfortable at,  whenever I wanted to express myself…writing makes me vocal about myself… I wish myself all the best…

I always  end my sentences with continuous dots,  instead of a period as I feel theres neva an end to my expression,  although grammatically its  incorrect… But neva  mind as everything can’t  be as per rules ;)… 

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

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