‘LIFE’ – mere a four letter word but more impactful!!!

As a kid, for me life was all about being bestowed upon by love (may be in actual form or in form of gifts, toys, chocolates, etc), being pampered, throwing tantrums & playing around, sleeping at odd times, etc etc…In my teens, it was all about books &  giggling while making fun of teachers…In my adulthood days, life meant bunking MBA lectures, having fun around doing nothing, watching movies, etc..etc…to define,  it was a carefree life…

Whenever I would get bugged up of staying up all night or waking up at dawn for studies during college days [this is a side-effect of being a student from science stream, who was least interested in extra-curricular activities or to say had no talent at all to participate in it ;)],  my Mum used to always tell me that “Beta, you don’t have to wake up early or stay up late night, once you are done with your studies..the moment you start earning, you will have the liberty to wake up at any time and you would lead a more relaxed life“..this thing of mum would keep me contented and since then I was looking forward to step into the corporate world…

But as I stepped into the so-called corporate world, the meaning of Mum’s relaxed Life took a 360 degree turn!!!..

Corporate world has always kept me on my toes…be it to put my knowledge to test every other day, my dedication & hardwork to be reflected into sales figure, to outbeat the existing competition or to be at par with my self-achieved target..Phewwww!!!..I would find myself between stacks of files and sales figure at my workplace until 9pm, irrespective of my office timing being 10:00 – 6:30 and by the time I would reach home, I would straight away retire to bed after a quick dinner…So even when I was grown-up and in the actual world, I found myself back to square 1—> getting up early to be in office on time and reaching home at night which made me realise that Mums are best at fooling their children with their dialogues ;)…

There comes a phase in life,  where you search for that person with whom you can share your life with.. No wonder,  I always had Mum – my best friend and other close friends, but still felt a need for that someone special… I have had beautiful times with my someone special…. Although I had Invested much of my time in nurturing the bond with my someone special,  it did not last long…though after this phase,  my eyes were only drenched with tears for many months but to be honest it was worth an experience…

These were few glimpses from my LIFE… If I were to write in detail,  I would end up writing an encyclopaedia!!!..

Now if you ask me what is Life about, I would say that Life occurs to me as an Ocean – full of tides….The extent to which low tide makes me disheartened & demoralized, high tide gives me an exhilarating experience…

Being at the peak of my successful career,  having successfully breathed &  still going strong for almost 30+ years on this beautiful earth, I still feel the zest to explore & get hold of this four letter word every moment I breath…I eagerly wait to unfold each day of my life…Being an artistic person, I love painting my Life with varied colours depicting each experience so that when someday I sit back & unwind the pages of my Life-book, only colourful pages would be seen – which would inspire me and people around me to paint their life as well…Life is too small to sit down with regrets, so one needs to grab a brush & start painting their life & believe me it is worth the efforts…

To sum it up, I would say:

Life is a broad term to expound,
perceived differently by the whole world..
A black forest cake made by bakers,
with cherries kept in between layers…

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

6 thoughts on “‘LIFE’ – mere a four letter word but more impactful!!!

  1. Only 1 word … AWESOME and LOvelY … You really poured ur heart out there … Waiting to read more blogs of urz … I’m a fan of urz already … God bless


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