Beauty – real is outer or inner ???

In today’s world, people relate to beauty only to outer, physical appearance…hardly you would find someone who would admire inner beauty…

To talk about my view on beauty, actually it never mattered to me or to be honest enough, the word ‘beauty’ struck to me only when I plunged into “arrange marriage” phase… Being loved at one moment & lost at d oder, was more than enough for me to give green signal to my family n opt for arrange marriage… And then, there I was ready to dive through the strenuous process of getting hitched [still goin thru d hell-of-process 😦 ]….

Being dusky toned n bearing decent good features [except a nose which looks like a samosa ;)], I knew I wasn’t a beautiful girl but never felt I was ugly to be rejected…full of confidence I was about this…but my confidence was shattered into pieces when my biodata was rejected by a groom’s family n d reason given was – “The girl is dark!!!”….That was a dark moment wherein I had to face world’s perception about beauty, which means “fair / white complexion”….my lyf came crashing dwn [may be I made a mountain of a mole at dat time but l really did feel it, although only for a brief period of time] …

To tell you, worldly definition of beauty not only lowers one’s morale & kills self confidence but also develops inferiority complex, affecting adversely all areas of life…this is an exact illustration of a brief period of my lyf (sigh!!!)…

I used to get disheartened at times due to this but I have always found tremendous support from my family n frnds (blessed to have them in my lyf), as for them only inner beauty mattered…. During that time, my best frnd said sumthin – “you might not think much of yourself. But look at yourself from my eyes and you will see someone who is great, beautiful and powerful“… That was a reality check indeed, which came from my bestie at the ryt time… Bang on!!!…It mirrored my beauty to me n made me realize my worth… Since then people’s perception din bother to me n even if it does, I simply close my eyes n recollect my bestie’s words which doubles my confidence & gives me an inner strength…I discovered a fact den – – – > people view you the way you want them to view you…

Outer beauty will fade away with time but inner beauty would never as it is inked to a soul n it lasts longer…beauty is more than only outer, physical appearance… One needs to feel it…

As it is rightly said tht happiness is one’s state of mind, similarly beauty is also one’s belief of mind…one’s belief in themselves… You have to accept n love yourself the way you are, for oders to follow d suit [dis again comes from my bestie :)]… And its doable, believe me…

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

7 thoughts on “Beauty – real is outer or inner ???

  1. This blog helped me to know more about your life. Nothing to say just ……….will be waiting eagerly for your next blog so that i can know you more …….


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