Life it is!!!

​Heart of India – Mumbai…morning blues…hustle-bustle…cacophony at railway station of yellin, pleadin, teasin, laughin, talkin…standin on d platform in d wee hours, on d way to office…busy gazin at people shovin thru d platform rush…who are on a mission….to hook a leg in the minimalistic space available in a crowded train…actually OVERCROWDED is d appropriate wrd…widin train…people pushin each oders bags…pokin wid elbows…yellin on top of deir voices…a routine for almost evrydy for evrybody travelin by TRAIN – d lifeline of Mumbai

Heaving a sigh of relief while comforting myself in my office chair, I reach out to read news online once done wid daily chore of checking emails n assigning work…news to update myself abt things goin around…

In todays world, instead of enrichin knowledge, newspapers adds onto trauma…papers r filled wid rape cases, molestation news, domestic violence, suicides, murders, scams etc…horrifyin stuffs wich u wudn’t wish to begin ur day wid…but ders no option except avoiding newspapers…if dese news aren’t enuf to scare d hell off u, den ders more instore by d media which wud surely shake u off…TERROR…evry oder day u wud read abt bombin at shrines or airports or malls…hostages held up…random shoot out…high alert…etc etc…

When I was a kid, I hardly remember such news coming up…it makes me realize – is it tht in dose days such matters were never brought into light or is it tht in dese dayz such matters r made-up to be in d limelight…I fail to understand whts goin on…whrs d world headin to…

Suddenly my thoughts r interrupted wid voices from my behind….colleagues screaming-out at me…pointin at my phone wich seems to b ringin since a long tym…closin d tab of newspaper, I go back to my real world…to work…to earn a livin…though d news keeps lingerin in d back of my mind, I choose to work…once engrossed in wrk, d news fades off frm mind…n aftr office, again hv to juggle between trains to reach home….hv dinner, spend tym wid family n den restttttttt…n next day d same routine…

Dis is how live is…evn if people r in midst of danger, dey hv to keep deir fear aside n go to work, mak a livin, meet frnds, spend tym wid family n etc etc…dis aptly reflects JEENA ISSI KA NAAM HAI!!!

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

3 thoughts on “Life it is!!!

  1. I agree with every word u have written, I have been through d same and as u said Jeena Issi Ka Naam hai which is very much true.

    Keep it up gal. Long way to go. Keep writing 😘


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