All of us believe that we know ourselves but the fact is that’s not the truth… People with whom we spend most of our time indeed would know us more in depth… Like in my case, my family & my close friends know me much better than me, myself… And I am sure many of you may relate to this…

To discover one’s trueself, one needs to indulge in ‘Me-time’ more often… If not everyday then atleast over weekend… Spending time with oneself will give you better understanding about your trueself, about your likes/dislikes, your thoughts, your dreams etc etc… It allows you to introspect yourself which is necessary and of utmost importance…

I get ample amount of such time especially when am travelling places due to my work commitment… I have always been uncomfortable meeting new people… Infact, anxiety grips over me even at the thought of meeting a new person… But indulging in ‘me-time’ made me discover an unknown aspect about myself – the excitement of talking & making new friends and the ‘Travel – Kheeda’ which God knows when did it bit me … I have explored altogether a different side of me, which is very unlike me or maybe I did not encounter it before…

No doubt, I do take my own sweet time to strike a conversation but once the chord is struck, I am a chatterbox which people would never expect out of me, at their first encounter… With every business trip I have had, I have come back home with atleast a new friend who are a part of my life now but my last trip to Peru this year, seems to have increased this count…

Apart from making new friends, I have developed a zest for traveling and yes like most of you’ll, I also have a bucket list [not a bucket though but a tumbler for sure 😉] of places to visit, towards which I am working since a year now… My Travel-Kheeda doesn’t let me sit idle… It keeps bugging me to surf articles about trips & travels and to read about various places… Infact sometimes it compels me to search for the author of those articles and contact them to know more about the place, their planning, budgeting, their experience etc… This entices me towards working upon my travel plan… My Travel – Kheeda has started to grow with each passing day & with each article and it is soon going to turn one 😃…

Me-time has taught me that at times, we need to shift focus from our mainstream career life and devote sometime towards travelling… Travelling not only helps you understand yourself but also imparts knowledge about the places you visit, their culture, local people out there and also the company with whom you travel…

Life is short & unpredictable, so free yourself for sometime from your responsibility be it at work place or at your home and push yourself a bit to explore the beautiful places, lying ahead, waiting to be explored…

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

8 thoughts on “ME – TIME

  1. #Wanderlust! ❤
    Discovery of the self by traveling to unknown lands and meeting new people is one of the most enriching journeys one can make!
    Keep it up #BhatulaGirl! 🙂


  2. I would completely agree with ur thoughts .. i wish everyone starts thinking like you and inculcate this idea of me-Time .. keep up d good work 🥂


  3. Good thought beautifully expressed.. travelling indeed broadens ur outlook n perspective.. brings in lot of experience which sometimes gives life a new dimension…


  4. I agree with every word u wrote abt me time …n yes it inspires me to spend some time knowing myself …u r on the right track girl 😘
    Keep it up!


  5. Very nice Pooja and a good description of ‘Me Time’..Please continue to share your wonderful thoughts and keep Blogging 👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻.. Best wishes and God Bless


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