A night at Kalka

One wintry evening when the Sun was almost ready to settle down & spread darkness around, Kiara, Rhea and Nyra were scurrying around the lanes of Kalka in search of the hotel where they were put up for that night… They were to return to Mumbai the other day… Lanes were too calm unlike Mumbai, with nobody in the vicinity except for few shops which were about to call it a day… Which made them ponder if they were on the right path or not… Somehow, they made up to the destined hotel and were about to heave a sigh of relief when much to their astonishment they found a mediocre, shabby lodge instead of a hotel!!! With utter disappointment, they stepped-in only to find that it was a one-storey lodge, with them being the only guests apart from the guy behind the reception and a timid service boy who was too busy in checking them…

They climbed the squeaky stairs towards their room on the first floor… Rhea went ahead towards the room with Nyra whereas Kiara was busy struggling to manage her luggage till the door… Door to the room made an unbearable, squeaking noise like a typical bollywood horror movie scene and all three of them burst out laughing… Room was relatively very small with only a bed placed in one corner lined up with a dirty, worn-out bed sheet… While they were busy unpacking, Kiara suddenly noticed a door located at the other end of the room which was linked to a terrace… Moving closer to it, she realized that the terrace was accessible to everyone at the lodge and moreover being one-storey, anybody could have easily climbed up to their room… Mere a thought of it had sent jitters through Kiara and she was reluctant to even spend a minute more in that room… Rhea & Nyra had to literally coax her for an hour to calm her down and stay back as it was matter of just a night…

Soon after having dinner, they retired onto the bed and within no time, all were fast asleep… Though the creaking bed made it impossible for them to have a peaceful one… Somewhere around midnight, a knock on the terrace door made Kiara jump out of bed whereas Rhea and Nyra were still very much in their dreamland… Kiara thought that the knock could be mere her illusion, so she tried to ignore it and go back to sleep… Few minutes later, continuous knocking made all three jump out of bed…. Clueless and unaware about what to be done, they got frightened… Kiara had almost freaked out and began recollecting all the crime series which she have had ever watchedMoreover, being a pessimist, her mind started visualizing the worst possible circumstances – a thief waiting at the door to murder them and flee away with all their valuables or a molester waiting to take their undue advantage, etc etc… Negative thoughts petrified her almost to the death… All three had their eyes fixed on the door that all of a sudden Rhea and Nyra heard Kiara murmuring something… She wasn’t actually murmuring but chanting all the Hindu slokhas she could have remembered at that moment with tears flooding through her eyes… Rhea and Nyra were not scared though but looking at Kiara, they also got ingested by the fear… But somehow both mustered up the courage to walk up till the door and scream aloud at the person from behind the door… “Kaun hai waha??? Kya Kaam hai itni raat ko” but there wasn’t any response… Kiara then came up with an idea of calling the reception to inquire about it… As soon as Rhea picked up the phone to dial the reception number, Nyra disconnected it… Nyra felt calling the guy at the reception may give him an opportunity to take undue advantage of their loneliness or it may alert the person on the other side of the door… Hence, they decided to deal with the situation by themselves… Sitting up in the bed with widely awakened eyes, they started diverting their mind by talking about their trip and other things… After few hours, knocks on the door died down… Rhea and Nyra were busy wondering about the person whereas on the other hand Kiara was busy praying to God to take care of her family if she ends up with some unfortunate circumstances leading to her death at the lodge!!! 

As the sun rose up the other day, Nyra immediately rushed to the door with Rhea whereas Kiara was on the bed, covered completely with the bedsheet only with her eyes popping out… Fear was still very much visible in her shiny, glittering eyes… When they opened the door, Rhea and Nyra both were equally shocked to find stack of empty bottles lying at the bottom of the door and soon they realized that the knocks were actually rattling sound the bottles made when forced against the door due to the breezy wind… And both of them couldn’t help but laugh aloud… They were on their way back to the room to disclose about this to Kiara but the sight of Kiara still chanting the slokhas made them burst into more laughter…

This was one of a hilarious incidents which still makes all three of them break into a laughter riot….

P.S.: Kiara is none other than me, myself whereas Rhea and Nyra are my close buddies Priyanka Asnotkar and Juby Thomas…

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

13 thoughts on “A night at Kalka

  1. The way you narrated the story was too good … Keep writing … I can actually feel myself watching it back of my head,the narrative has been superb … Looking forward for more


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