Embrace the Situation

It was just another Monday. A work from home one. My alarm went off at 8:00 am and my hands were reaching out to hit the snooze button that I hear loud noises coming from outside. Rain, as usual, came unexpectedly before its arrival time. I went back to get extra 5-10 mins of sleep but had to push myself out from the bed as needed to log in for work from home. 

As soon I step out in the living room and slide-open the window panes, I see a beautiful view – neighborhood trees swaying in the rain as if they were dancing to its tunes. There’s this beautiful tree, an old but huge one, which stands tall just opposite to my window and almost my every morning & evening is spent by sipping a hot cup of tea looking at it, admiring it. It’s a regular habit of mine to stare at it and talk as if it were a friend of mine. I have seen it shedding off all its leaves in one season and getting new greens in the other. I keep asking it how do you manage to deal with all the seasons and still stand tall with pride and it answers me by just swaying in the wind as if it’s replying to me with a smile. 

Coming back to today. I started my laptop and was engrossed in replying to emails that I hear a loud thud. And then it clicks to me that the cyclone which Mom was briefing me yesterday night was here. I rush towards the window only to witness an old tree nearby the opposite building collapse. It was a devastating view. Then there were huge branches of the adjacent coconut trees that couldn’t withstand the storm. And within a few minutes, 3 trees which were part of the neighborhood lush greenery had collapsed. The lane was now covered with the collapsed trees, leaves, branches, etc. 

My eyes immediately shifted to the huge tree that I stare at every day. It was unable to take the storm and the rains and I was getting worried. I looked at it and asked, “Will you be able to pull through this or….?”, suddenly my phone starts beeping and had to return back to my work commitment. I shut the window on my back and was engrossed in my work. Though the thoughts of what’s happening outside were still lingering on my mind. Every now and then, I was seeing through the window with my cupped hands to keep a check on the weather and on the huge tree. I saw it was still fighting the storm and the rain with all its energy and pride. I was praying continuously for it to stand still and it was.

Now when I am drafting this, it’s almost bedtime. Before retiring on the bed, I quickly went outside to have a sneak-peak at the huge tree. I cupped my hands on the window glass and saw the tree is still swaying to the tunes of rain. Yes, the storm had made it lose many of its leaves and a few of its branches and it was looking pale but I could see it smiling at me just like every other day and telling me “Don’t worry, I may look fragile to you from outside but deep inside I am strong enough to deal with this current situation.” As soon as, I was about to move from there that it whispered to me “This too shall pass.

And I told myself “yes, this too shall pass!!!

Published by bathulagirl

Pooja Bathula is born and bred in Mumbai... Works as an International Business Manager in a Pharmaceutical company which keeps her on her toes always but that doesn’t deter her from following her passion for reading, writing, travelling & shopping... Her friends describe her as an engaging story-teller!!!

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