First Marriage Anniversary Trip to Mysore & Coorg

Made our first marriage anniversary (September 06, 2019) memorable by taking a trip to Mysore & Coorg… Whenever I plan a trip, be it a leisure trip or a business trip, I try to abide by one of the travel mantras >> ‘to travel light’ but I always end up carrying excess clothes & snacks!!!Continue reading “First Marriage Anniversary Trip to Mysore & Coorg”

First Solo Trip to Dharamshala

Experiences by solo trippers shared via articles have always infused energy into my travel-kheeda… And after years of just pondering, my travel-kheeda finally pushed me to plan a solo trip to Dharamshala, a city in Himachal Pradesh… Having read a lot about the said place and its serene & untouched beauty, it became my firstContinue reading “First Solo Trip to Dharamshala”

Cafe Coffee Day —> A lot can happen over coffee….

One lazy afternoon at CCD…. Comfortably seated in a chair with my two friends…. Sipping hot café latte (my favorite) and hogging the cheese garlic bread (Yummylicious), we started chit-chatting (as always), which we three excel at…. Suddenly one of my friends popped up a travel plan…. Just to give you a background about me,Continue reading “Cafe Coffee Day —> A lot can happen over coffee….”

Trip to BaLi

Desperate need for a holiday…to break from monotonous work life…bumping every now & then into various articles / write-ups on destination holidays…suddenly a post flashes on FB page…’Single’s trip to a foreign country‘…excited to venture into it…butttt…fear of being amongst unknown people grips over…plus financial crunch…difficult to make up my mind…following rigorous discussion with familyContinue reading “Trip to BaLi”

Life it is!!!

​Heart of India – Mumbai…morning blues…hustle-bustle…cacophony at railway station of yellin, pleadin, teasin, laughin, talkin…standin on d platform in d wee hours, on d way to office…busy gazin at people shovin thru d platform rush…who are on a mission….to hook a leg in the minimalistic space available in a crowded train…actually OVERCROWDED is d appropriateContinue reading “Life it is!!!”