Beauty – real is outer or inner ???

In today’s world, people relate to beauty only to outer, physical appearance…hardly you would find someone who would admire inner beauty… To talk about my view on beauty, actually it never mattered to me or to be honest enough, the word ‘beauty’ struck to me only when I plunged into “arrange marriage” phase… Being lovedContinue reading “Beauty – real is outer or inner ???”

‘LIFE’ – mere a four letter word but more impactful!!!

As a kid, for me life was all about being bestowed upon by love (may be in actual form or in form of gifts, toys, chocolates, etc), being pampered, throwing tantrums & playing around, sleeping at odd times, etc etc…In my teens, it was all about books &  giggling while making fun of teachers…In myContinue reading “‘LIFE’ – mere a four letter word but more impactful!!!”