Life it is!!!

​Heart of India – Mumbai…morning blues…hustle-bustle…cacophony at railway station of yellin, pleadin, teasin, laughin, talkin…standin on d platform in d wee hours, on d way to office…busy gazin at people shovin thru d platform rush…who are on a mission….to hook a leg in the minimalistic space available in a crowded train…actually OVERCROWDED is d appropriateContinue reading “Life it is!!!”

‘LIFE’ – mere a four letter word but more impactful!!!

As a kid, for me life was all about being bestowed upon by love (may be in actual form or in form of gifts, toys, chocolates, etc), being pampered, throwing tantrums & playing around, sleeping at odd times, etc etc…In my teens, it was all about books &  giggling while making fun of teachers…In myContinue reading “‘LIFE’ – mere a four letter word but more impactful!!!”